Toyota Prius Owners Manual

Vehicle load limits
OPERATION OF INSTRUMENTS ANDCONTROLS / Information before driving your Toyota / Vehicle load limits

Vehicle load limits include total loadcapacity, seating capacity, towing capacityand cargo capacity. Follow theload limits shown below. Total load capacityand seating capacity are alsodescribed on the tire and loading informationlabel. For location of the tireand loading information label, see“Checking tire inflation pressure” onpage 409.

Total load capacity:365 kg (810 lb.)

Total load capacity means combinedweight of occupants, cargo and luggage.

Seating capacity:

Total 5 (Front 2, Rear 3)

Seating capacity means the maximumnumber of occupants whose estimatedaverage weight is 68 kg (150lb.) per person. Depending on theweight of each person, the seating capacitygiven may exceed the totalload capacity.


Even if the number of occupants arewithin the seating capacity, do not exceedthe total load capacity.

Towing capacity

Toyota does not recommend towinga trailer with your vehicle. Your vehicleis not designed for trailer towing.

Cargo capacity

Cargo capacity may increase or decreasedepending on the size (weight)and the number of occupants. For details,see “Capacity and distribution”that follows.


Do not apply the load more thaneach load limit. That may causenot only damage to the tires, butalso deterioration to the steeringability and braking ability, whichmay cause an accident.

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